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I’m stripping this to the barebones … keeping it all but making it private or moving it.

If you have this bookmarked, please change it because my new blog is over at (which is where the title, “new website” will take you!)

Thanks so much. I just noticed people are still coming here and not going there so I haven’t posted, but I need to start.
Keeping things in isn’t healthy… 😉

As always,


‘The Abandoned Edge of Avalon’ by Eden Tyler

71,150 / 70,000+ words = DONE!!

‘The Mischievous Magic of Avalon’ by Eden Tyler

500 / 75,000 words. .005% lol
the "outline" is done, though --
OMG i wrote an outline Yikes!

‘Wild Within’

2,500 / 35,000 words. 14% done

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